Thursday, March 17, 2016

Kenny Roberts Yamaha

A 2 minute and 55 second render...I think this is about 8-10 times faster than the original render.
The Yamaha from 2010 and several other part attempts...
Thank god for Cinema4D downwards compatibility

Reflections lo-poly cars. Yay!

The wonderful world of 3D max. I didn't know a thing about it when I started. I now about about the same as then. Its was a clunky old thing. It might have got better but there are so many better apps out there IMHO. I seem to recall that for PS2 the cars that weren't central attractions to the scene where 1500 polys max. The final item consisted of half a model - the programmers generated the other half (saved on polys) and just one wheel. Most of the models ended up with 3 variants or levels of crash damage.

Retro time...

All the stuff I'd forgotten about with a vaguely 3D theme will appear here.

Created with Stratavision3D on Amiga? I guess in 1993

Here's a few textures for same. All with that tell-tale panel design Lastly the Pan-Am logo long since gone but was a genuine carrier

2001 Sapacestation: In need of a revisit.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Ford and VW screen grabs...

For those that still don't believe I actually modelled these things and that they just appeared on my desktop one day....

I pulled the text from this 1960's magazine advert and applied it to my own camper but this time in blue....

Some of the textures and logos used on the car. Note most of the logos were created by hand in illustrator. Happy days indeed. 

hires Earth and moon...

There are some very high resolution NASA images freely available for download and a few years ago I tried to crush cinema4D and my computer by applying 11000 pixel images to a sphere and trying to replicate a typical orbiter view...done in 2011.

And followed up with the moon...

2001 animations from 1999 and 2008

2001 is worth a re-visit I think. I saw a photo of the model model languishing in a field near the studio. I believe it was 11 foot across. Only when you try to re-create this with polygons and textures do you appreciate the skill that went into making that model back then. Awesome.

This little horrible animation below, most probably shouldn't be here apart from the fact that its so old and was developed on a crazily slow mac with 96Mb of ram and 1Gb disk drive. Enjoy or have a laugh :)

motion graphics doodling...

Cinema4D's strength is in motion graphics and compositing...

Video links from Film and TV BA

Filmed and edited for Kirsty B for Film and TV degree course

Mark Hodsman for Film and TV BA - Year 1

M.Hodsman Titles design for Film and TV degree


A sketch that kind of grows on you. I hated it at first.

There is a kind of distortion I cannot overcome...Perhaps lack of talent - but I'd like to think it has to do with photographers choice of wide angle lenses maybe?
April 1st significance in that date :-/
Drawing skills

Inking and colouring from an older line drawing.

inking from a doodling from 90's

inking - cross hatching

eyes and lips
male thigh - pen and ink

Pencil sketch in last few days...

Pencil sketch in last few days...

Pencil sketch in last few days...

Pencil sketch from 12th March
recent colouring / line art inking of an 80's drawing.